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Hacking with macOS Apple Books update

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Happy to see the new SwiftUI version, when will the existing Apple Books version be updated? Looking forward to it, thanks!


Well interest too....

Some books are covering rather old versions like Hacking for watchOS/tvOS... For recent iOS information there are plenty of ressources on the net...


I enjoy all of your Hacking with Swift books. Just a head's up, the current ePub version of Hacking with macOS (May 22, 2022 edition) is missing rather larger amounts of text (at least in the first 5 chapters)...the other versions seem to be fine. Hopefully, this will be corrected in the next update.


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Just from a quick look through I couldn't find any missing parts of text. Which exact chapters (names) are you refering to?


All the screenshots, from the introduction up to and including Project 8, are missing from the ePub version. For comparison they are present in the PDF version.


Can't confirm that either. I have the epub version from 22nd May in the Apple Books app and it is full of Screenshots from the introduction chapters up until and including chapter 8. Are you using that particular version? If so, it may be an issue with the books app or syncing between devices?


Here are some of the missing segments that I have found in the first 5 projects:

  • StormViewer: The last part of the Responding to image selection section after adding the resizable() modifier.
  • StormViewer: The last part of the Finishing touches section after adding func applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed to the AppDelegate including the illustration of the method returning true
  • Cows and Bulls: The last part of the Filling in the list section "So, change your three properties to this:"
  • Cows and Bulls: The last part of Extra Polish section after the first 2 of 3 things pointed out
  • Views and Modifiers: the last part of the Why modifier order matters "For example, SwiftUI gives us padding() modifier, which adds a little space around a view sthat it doesn't push up"
  • Views and Modifiers: the last part of Views as properties section begining at "The third option is to add the @ViewBuilder..."
  • Views and Modifiers: the last part of View composition section beginning with the illustration of removing foregroundColor() from CapsuleText (the code is there but not the resulting view image or final text after the image.
  • Views and Modifiers: the last part of the Custom modifiers section beginning with the image of the result of adding a watermark to any view code snippet.
  • Text Parser: the last part of the Flags and options section following: "Note that this doesn't change the pro-"
  • MultiMap: the last part of the Creating an interactive map section after the code snippet for replacing the MapMarker with a MapAnnotation
  • MultiMap: the last paragraph of the Searching for locations section
  • MultiMap: the final image of the Switching over to searchable() section is missing

I skipped the Introduction: Swift for Complete Beginners section as I am not a complete beginner. So, there may be other missing text/images. I recall at least one more missing text but was unable to quickly find it.

Hope this helps...will be happy to provide any other info as I work my way through the book beyound project 5.


BTW, when I first found the missing text, I re-downloaded the most recent ePub version (05-22-2022) from Gumroad on my iPad and loaded it into Apple's Book app on that same iPad. It may be an app issue or a download problem but the missing text seems to correlate to the end of sections but not all sections.


My copy of Hacking with macOS was only purchased 3 days ago, so it is the latest version. As someone mentioned it could be a download issue, but nothing was reported as amiss or corrupted in the download or installation. I will, however, try downloading from GumRoad, just in case.


I just finished re-downloading Hacking with macOS from the gumroad website on my iPad and on my macbook air and then opened both using Books. I also did a byte by byte comparison of the 2 downloads and there were no differences. The new version on my iPad appears to be complete using Books until I flip a couple of pages and then go back...the text is missing again! Must be a Books problem, so it will be the HTML or PDF version for me.


I would agree that it appears to be related to a Books issue, because if I change the theme (View\Theme) to either White or Sepia then the images appear. If on the other hand I have the theme set to my prefered setting of Grey or alternatively Black, then the images are not shown.

Edit - Having checked other books, with the different themes, they work correctly and it seems to be a Hacking with macOS ePub issue.


I compared the HTML versions from May 2022 and May 2019 and did not find any changes except for a few typos.

On the other hand, are there any changes to Swift or the frameworks used in the book that would change how the book's projects are designed? I don’t know any offhand except for Concurrency (async/await), for which Paul now has a separate book.

p.s. Does this forum allow the OP to edit the topic title? To reduce confusion, "Apple" should be "AppKit".


The issue of missing text/images in Books went away for me when I turned on vertical scrolling...


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