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I am happy to introduce my new app. It grew out of SwitchBuddy, which lets Nintendo Switch games track new games. Some users and I wanted these features for all the upcoming releases.

It features a curated list of upcoming AAA games and an "Upcoming" list showing all games with announced release dates. There is also a search to find games quicker.

While this could also be used as a "games tracker" - you can mark games as favorites which makes them available for widgets, it is primarily about the upcoming games and widgets.

Gaming Buddy offers countdown widgets, "Up Next" lists favorite games that are coming out soonest, and "Calendar" widget shows the current month and games that are releasing that month.

App Store

Feedback is more than welcome!

Game Widgets - upcoming games track, widgets


Version 1 is coming out May 24! You can "pre-order" it for free today :-)


First big update just landed 🛬

Game Widgets - discover new games, notifications


You can now set up notifications for game releases. And thats not all, you will also get a notification when your favorite game gets a release date


Purple might not be for everyone. That's ok! You can now personalize the app and widgets with themes like "Green X", "BlueStation", sunset and more.

Themable countdown widgets

The countdown widgets now have configurable background. So instead of the previous blurry background, you can choose the app theme or just "plain".

Add to calendar

Easily create calendar events for your favorite games



happy to announce version 1.3.0 is live. 🎉 I have also renamed the app from "Game Widgets" to "GamingBuddy" to make it more clear that the main aim is discovery of new games to play and not just widgets.

New Releases

  • Easily view (and filter) newly released games in a new list

Lock Screen widgets

The Up Next and Release Countdown widgets are now also available on your Lock Screen

Various small fixes and tweaks

Gaming Buddy - new games discovery, lock screen widgets, new releases listing


Hi @nemecek-filip, I've just installed the app and it looks great. It has a nice intuitive UI and is very snappy and responsive. My only suggestion would be to make the Platform filter global across the app, rather than within the individual lists. That way the user is always presented with games which are relevant to them, right from the home screen. For example, I am only an Xbox user, and so would prefer to see only those games which are available on that platform, or are scheduled to be.


Hello @sardinepretzel, sorry for the late response - missed your reply.

I understand and it is something I will probably do in the future. Currently it is for all platforms to enable caching both on server and in the app so the games are loaded as quick as possible. I am not sure how would the Upcoming and New Releases lists work - it would probably have to be separate request that could take a bit of time to get back.


I am happy to announce new update! I initially thought I'd wait for more features that I have planned but since the OpenCritic integration was finished I decided to launch it so it can help users see how are new games rated in the press.

OpenCritic Integration

Games now display OpenCritic rating summary (if available) and list of all reviews for GamingBuddy Unlimited.

You can now quickly see how new games were rated by the critics and even read detailed reviews.

GamingBuddy opencritic scores and reviews


New update is out. I was rushing this a bit to "frontrun" the iOS 17 release and all that stuff :D

Easily share games with friends

Did you find awesome new game? You can now send link to your friends straight from GamingBuddy and they can view details without having the app.

That's it :-) "Small" feature that unlocks new ways for game discovery

GamingBuddy universal links sharing game details, iMessage preview


Exellent iOS 17 release 👌


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