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Parrot - An app to share text/quotes from websites directly from any browser

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Hi all!

I just shipped a new little app called Parrot. I always see on social media or in chats people sharing text passages from websites via screenshots. While this mostly doesn't look great and maybe even clutters the senders photo library with screenshots I wanted to make a better solution.

Parrot is an app but mainly an Action Extension. So you open any website, you select the text you want to highlight and then open Parrot from the action/share menu. That's it. It will automatically get the selected text and even try to guess the "right" color by looking at the website's CSS. You can then select from different card designs and share or save it.

You can share it including the URL or the image alone. But what's cool is the possibility to include a QR code of the URL in the card image. And in iOS 15 users can tap and hold the QR code to then open the website.

So it's a pretty simple app but it was fun making it. It even features a retro mini game with the Parrot. Including a chiptune retro sound which I also made.

The whole app is SwiftUI and the game in SpriteKit. SwiftUI has a SpriteView which is a normal view and can take a SpriteKit scene, so it's really cool to integrate in an app.

That's it! I'd appreciate if you give it a look and leave me some feedback or suggestions, thank you!

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/parrot-quote-websites/id1597793189 Website: https://noidentity.ch/parrot/ Press Kit Website: https://noidentity.ch/parrot-press-kit/


Just bought it :-)

Like the idea and the design 👍


cool thanks a lot @nemecek-filip and let me know if you have feedback :)


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