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Cinemator - Keep track of your favorite movies, Recommendations, Trailers, Casting, News etc.

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Hi everyone!

I like to announce to you my very first app in the App Store. Cinemator. Check it out for FREE on AppStore ! Check out the Website:

Cinemator is a light-weight app that allows you to track your favorite movies. Details, cast, rating, trailers and much more. (AD FREE)


  • Favorite and WatchList. Keep track of movies by adding them to your lists and share them with friends.
  • Browse movies by Genres, Recommended, Upcoming, iMDB's Top-rated etc.
  • Browse a curated list by the developer like: Just for Kids, Pure Adrenaline, Best of 2018-2019, etc.
  • Cast profiles. Learn more about your favorite actors/directors and browse their movies.
  • Trailers + Bonus Scenes. Watch movie trailers in HD Fullscreen without leaving the app.
  • Read the latest movie/entertainment related news by some of the best news sources such as Joblo, CinemaBlend, Roger Ebert.
  • Search-as-you-type. Search for your favorite castings and movies.
  • Share your movies everywhere.

Notes by Developer:

There's a lot more to be added to the app and I'm hoping I can progress with new builds soon. But right now I'm really grateful to have an App out there, to be able to demonstrate my work to any future employers. I really hope you enjoy the app. Don't hesitate to email me about anything @

  • Thank you or your time!


Oooh I love it! Movielist is the app I was using to find out what streaming platform a movie is on and to keep a watchlist, but its no longer maintained.

Can't wait to use this. I'd love the streaming platform info if it's an easy addition : )



Hey Peter, that would be a great addition to the app and it crossed my mind before, however, the API I'm using claims that they do not have that kind of licenses, therefore they cannot add this feature to their APIs.

Thank you for reaching out! -Serxhio Gugo


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