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Now available on App Store Challenge Tracker for free or visit The App Forest. If you want to look at any code it on GitHub

Set a monthly goal or use suggested goal and keep track on the progress throughout the month.

Set different types of activities

  • Walking + Running Distance
  • Exercise **
  • Steps Count
  • Cycling Distance (App or device may be needed)
  • Swimming Distance (App or device may be needed)
  • Move (Apple Watch required or iPhone on iOS16 or later)
  • Wheelchair Distance

Activities integrates with Apple Health app to be able to show a progress ring so each day you can see if you are on target for the month and a bar chart showing each day amount compared to the goal each day.

Fully accessible with Voice Over and Apple Audio Graph.

** Movement equal to or exceeding the intensity of a brisk walk counts towards your Exercise minutes.

Apple Watch not required for some of activities but recommended.

Apple and Apple Watch are a trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


Update to App

Addition to being able to set a monthly/daily target goal. I hav noticed that the Apple Watch Monthly Challenges, Have Do certain amount of Excerse/Move for x number of days So now you can set the number of days and that amount serparately and show a dotted line on the chart. You can toggle the display between the numbered days goal and the monthly goal by tapping the display number.

It a great companion for You Apple Watch challenges or set your own!

Check it out here for FREE Challenge Tracker

PS (edited) I found some small bugs with if double the daily number goal then not showning correctly on chart and accessibility reader not reading correct info for this. (it now corrected but awaiting upload to store)


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