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Artie - Math Drills in Augmented Reality 😎

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I struggled to motivate my kids to practice basic arithmetic skills like multiplication and subtraction and at the same time I wanted to explain what my job looks like - I'm an iOS developer so with the help of my kids we put together this free math drills app in augmented reality! They were incredible testers and suggested a lot of ideas present in the apps - like changing the character's colors, eyes, etc.

As a lifelong learner I wanted to dive into something totally new and foreign to me: 3D, games and augmented reality. I learned a lot along the way and had a lot of fun with Apple's ARKit, RealityKit and more. It wasn't all that bad after all :)

Check if out for free on the App Store

I'd love to hear your feedback!



I didn't try the app but even from the screenshot looks amazing! good job! If I may ask, how much it took you and how did you manage with work and kids?



Since I was completely new to 3D / AR / Game development, it took 300-400 hours to implement the basic functionality, overcoming all the shortcomings of RealityKit, etc. I was moonlighting, taking an occasional day off, and adding few Saturdays. I expected a bit shorter timeframe, somewhere 150-200h, but it's difficult to make estimates in an uknown environment. Go ahead and check out the app ;)


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