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5 Minute Pushups

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Inspired by my own lack of strength, I created this app to help track strength fitness via pushups. A workout consists of 3 minutes of activity and 2 minutes of rest, with multiple options for how to split this time. The user will then be able to track their fitness/number of pushups via various graphs, with an in-app purchase. The biggest difference between this and other similar apps is that the user is able to track both full and modified (knees down) pushups.

If anyone would like a code to get the tracking for free, just let me know and I'll send you a code. This is my first app and it uses SwiftUI, so I'd love to have more user feedback.

Available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch.


That looks great, Sara. What did you use? UIKit or SwiftUI?


Look beautiful Sara. Your SwiftUI app inspired me to give SwiftUI a go for my next app project :-)


Thank you! I made it using SwiftUI, which made much if it really easy to create, and other parts a bit tricky. I do miss the animation chaining in UI kit- having a delay is a bit hack-y feeling.


Just downloaded and will give it a try. Please send a code.


Nice one Sara .. 👍🏻

App looks fantastic .. I might even try and get my pushups back to where I should be.
Wish me luck

Great job and congratulations 🎉


@sbcooney The application is cool. I was just looking for this. Happy to test


Does it go to HealthKit or is the Histroy the only way? It looks really good well done.


this is awesomecan you teach us how to implement the graph feature, or reference guide you had?


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