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WithAnimation location in code question

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Working through Project 6 and refactoring the Guess The Flag game I was wondering if someone could explain why one code works and one doesn't. I had to find other peoples solutions on GitHub unfortuntely I couldn't figure this one out on my own. The ternanry operator on the animation blew my mind. I get it now.

This code below works and animates the correct flag. What I found to make it work in my code is that the winAnimation has to be below the function call of flagTapped

ForEach(0..<3) { number in

                            // Flag was tapped

                                isRotating += 360
                                scaleAmount = 0.5

                            gameQuestionCount += 1

                            if gameQuestionCount >= 8 {
                                gameComplete = true
                        } label: {
                            FlagImage(flagString: countries[number])
                        // Project 6 challenge for rotating the correct flag
                        .rotation3DEffect(.degrees(number == buttonNumber ? isRotating : 0.0),
                                          axis: (x:0, y: 1, z: 0 ))
                        // Scale incorrect answers to 0.5
                        .scaleEffect(number == correctAnswer ? 1 : scaleAmount, anchor: .center)

If the withAnimation is above the function call the wrong flag will get animated. Usually the animation is off by one. What I mean by that is if the first correct answer is button 0 nothing rotate. The next question if the correct flag is button 1 button 0 rotates and so on.

Can anyone eplain why this is?

Thank you.


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