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This is not taking an hour a day, and I can't even always finish every day in one day. Am I alone in that?

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I was wondering if anyone here was able to finish every day in a day (while also working a day job), and also how long one session takes you, approximately. I wonder if there is someone out there that actually only takes an hour a day for the content? I am not even completely new to programming, but I spend a significant amount longer on the "days", and the info needs to sink in as well, so I find the promise that it would take about an hour a day extremely off. Am I alone with that observation?


I am currently at day 12. Does it get a bit less dense after day 14?


For me, the swift language part is more review so was able to do those fairly quickly. The programming sessions on average take more than an hour for me especially the ones where you need to do more coding from scratch. I have a full time non coding job and am tired when I get home so it makes it difficult when there are competing demands for my off time. It is easy to get bogged down and not keep momentum. Also, the coding projects I want to do often are utilizing concepts not covered yet or covered in older chapters which I must revisit. So don't feel bad about it. However, I do think Paul has one of the best comnprehensive (and free) tutorials out there. Even it it takes longer, do it anyway.


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Take your time, it's better to take a bit more but you feel comfortable with what you learned rather than just copy pasting what you hear.. I find that actually typing and making my own comments makes me remember and learn faster.


it is different. I often do more then one day in a day. But I have more time. I don't check the clock. For project 2 (that is where I am now) the first two days felt both less then one hour. The 3th day, the day I really need to do something is taking a bit more time. I blame my not working Xcode a bit. But besides that. It takes me more then one hour to do since I want to be sure it works correctly. So it is really not just you.


Since you have some programming knowledge, you might enjoy the Stanford lectures. They immediately dive into developing a game, so you get quick gratification. They are fast-paced and dense, so at some point you may feel they are too dense. But even if you only follow a few lectures, you'll have a better feel for the SwiftUI environment to provide a context for the more detailed and methodical 100 Days lectures here.

https://cs193p.sites.stanford.edu (scroll down to Lecture 1)



You are not alone, I am a complete newbie to programming languages and it usually takes me more than 1 hour to complete each day.

Trust me, it will take you longer, even days, to complete a challenge but every time you put in is worth it. The important thing is not to give up.


I understood the 1 hour a day as a general estimate for everyone that will follow the course. Paul says some days will be shorter and some will be longer. My advice would be do what you can with the time you have. It really is about the journey and making sure you learn. I spent 20-30 minutes trying to fix a bug a few days ago, but I will never forget the "." before padding() again lol.


There was a similar post made a few weeks ago. I wrote a short article about making biscuits with me Oma.

See -> Burning Biscuits

What's really helped me is using the Rubber Duck technique. See -> Rubber Duck Technique 🐤

I'll see strange code and don't have someone to 'splain it to me. So, I've used this technique to break down each line and try to explain it to a twelve year old Obelix. If you've followed some of my coding examples in the forums, you'll see lots of comments. This isn't just to help other learners. This is the technique I use in my own code and Playgrounds files. These notes, like comments on Oma's biscuit recipe, help me remember how to conjur magic when writing code.



I'm a bit late to the party, but here goes...

TLDR: Yes, some days can take longer & the fist 15 days are fairly straight forward (or used to be ???)

This is my 2nd time working through SwiftUI, because the first time I became frustrated - not with the 100 Days program - but with how I was managing it & my work load turned into a number of 16 hour days in a row for weeks on end (another reason I'm working to get out of that enviroment, but I digress).

That said, I specifically remember spending ~32 to 36 hours on one day's problem with the older version of the series...yes...32 to 36 hours. I was having a problem with the Flag program not spinning my flag(s) the way they should have & I know it took this long as I was streaming my learning at the time & was able to see exactly how long it took me to work it out. It was just one of those times it didn't click.

@Valerie A second point...I first started my Swift, yes Swift, learning a number of years ago...became frustrared as the instructor was going too fast & I fell behind quickly as I couldn't ask questions*. I then started in here with this Paul's course when SwiftUI wasn't really in the picture, however mid-stream it did become a thing & I switched from Swift to SwiftUI learning. What I did notice almost immediatly is the first 15 days of both courses were the same vidoes & after that when we jumped out of the Playground things became vastly different as there are a number of basic things which need to be covered in both courses.

I say 'were' the same as I have recently returned to refresh memory & actually complete the course this time. What I have noticed is the vidoes & course structure have changed, which is nice to see it is being adjusted & tweeked. I have not watched a single Swift course day this time, so I do not know if both are the same for x number of days.

Hope this helps...also these forums have been very supportive to learning, so please come & ask questions here...I know I do!

  • For those of you who are aware of the Standford courses by Paul Hagerty, this was my first introduction to Swift & this is why I couldn't ask questions. It is not a slight to his teaching style or him as I think he is fantastic, there were just a few key things which weren't explained during the lectures & it caused me to become confused.

Specifically, I remember hearing him talk about 'closures' but never mentions what a closure was/is & I was left looking at my code as I was doing the code along with him & talking myself through it...

I know what this is...I know what that is...I know this other thing is a function...where is this 'closure' he keeps talking about lecture after lecture...

To be clear, this was a series of his lectures from almost 15 years ago & not what I believe are his most recent from 2021.


We are one community , if you need any support please post it here, its a good community our mentor and leader Paul Hudson has created ...


I find that if I have ANY distraction I can't focus on HWS. Is it possible this is what you're encountering as well?


As the topic has been pulled up I'd like to add my few words here.

IMO it's technically impossible to make "100days" course in 100 days literally. Especially if we consider "in a row" because it will require you to go through it without any brakes. With no day offs. I strongly doubt someone new to programming is able to do this.

Even if you(any newcomer) will try your best and work as much as possible to finish the course faster there will still be days when you won't be able to make a day of studies because of your job or health issues or simply bad mood. We are humans and it's normal. That's life. Same will go with times when you simply don't understand the material from a lesson from first attempt. There will be times when you will need to read twice, thrice or even 5 times the same topic until you will finally understand it. And even after that you will most likely forget partly or entirely many things after switching to the next topic. So you will need to come back to many topics either basics of Swift of the basics of SwiftUI as you progress.

After the difficulty level increases it will take even more time for the information to sink into brain and more time to make tasks along the course. So again the progress will most probably slow down.

My case:

I had 0 experience in coding before I started the course. Complete newbie. So I knew from all the beginning that it won't be an easy walk to me. It could only be less hard or much more hard than I've expected. But no way - easy.

So first 14 days which cover the basics/fundamentals of Swift Language took me about a mont of time. No, I think even more - 5 weeks easy. And it was because all of the reasons I've mentioned above combined (Job, free time at summer, health issues, bad mood, not understanding).

After I switched to main part with SwiftUI it took me 3.5 months to get from day 15 to 79 where I'm now. And yet I can't say that I fell myself strong and confident in any of the topics and freely operate with the knowledge covered in these lessons. I have the general idea of what functionality we have, what we can do with it and how complicated it is. But by any means I can freely implement all those instruments and techniques by my own until now.

Moreover, again, I spend many time going back and reading again and again the topics I went through already to understand what's happening and why we do all those manipulations to get a particular result.

So as a conclusion to anyone who will read this topic:

It depends on how fast and efficiently you can "swallow" the information. It's very personal. Then how much dedication and will you have to go through it. Wether you do it while enjoying or without particular satisfaction just going through a requirement you've put in front of yourself.

And most important:

As Paul has mentioned - this is a marathon, not a sprint. The final goal is not to finish the course in 100 days or ASAP, no. The goal is to get the knowledge and be confident with that knowledge. To be able to use it freely.

I've noticed already a few people here who's been mentioning that they went second time through the course cause they didn't feel themself confident in the material. That only proves that we are all different and everyone has different comprehension and perception of information. It should be taken in consideration.


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