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Small UI issue in Review pages

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Hi, I noticed that when my screen is narrow, as it often is when I'm using the site alongside Xcode, it's possible for the "Link copied" hws-pasteboard-toast element to hide part of the "Continue" button.

It's invisible as it uses opacity when not active, but it's still there and can block the UI. Here's what shows when I change the opacity, after wondering why I couldn't click the continue button:


I think a simple fix could be to add pointer-events: none to the CSS in the hws-pasteboard-toast class rather than rely on opacity.

It's the nittiest of tiny nit-picks but might help avoid confusion.


Seems to be the DIV with ID hws-pasteboard-toast that's causing the problem.

I've been using HWS+ for a year, and always thought there was something up with my browser. I was confused as to why I couldn't always fullscreen a video, or click the next topic link in the bottom-right corner of many HWS pages.

Then I inspected the HTML, and found this:


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