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SOLVED: Question regarding how much I should study

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Hey guys, First day here. I'm wondering If I should adhere to the (Day 1,2,3) schedule, Or can I study 4 days worth of work in 1 day? Would that be too much? Or would it be more optimal to follow the schedule outlined?

Thanks for any answers!


@Kechekar is ready to crack open the books!

Should I adhere to the (Day 1,2,3) schedule, Or can I study 4 days worth of work in 1 day?

Many of us on 100 Days of SwiftUI steadily progressed through the program, then got distracted by pedestrian life obstacles around Day 60, 72, or other. It was very hard to get back on track, because you tend to forget what the topics were. And you'll find messages in this forum where students are on their second, or third pass through the material.

Method to the Madness

@twoStraws has a clever way of introducing concepts, so you understand them and use them in simple interfaces and applications. He introduces the concepts to get you moving. A few lessons later, you'll be surprised to know there's a much better (more Swifty) way to code something you "learned" a few lessons ago. You'll replace your old knowledge with newer, better knowledge.

Why the bait and switch? It's because starting you on the harder concept would require more painful explanations and an understanding of unknown concepts. @twoStraws' lessons are very well structured to build one lesson upon what you've recently learned. Don't skip. And solve every Challenge to double up on learning the concept.

Your Mileage May Vary

If you're a programmer skilled in another language (Java, C#, Python) you'll be a pro at the early day materials. Here @twoStraws covers variables, if statements, loops, and other common language constructs. Sure, you'll probably be bored and find this easy to breeze through. Go for it.

But when you start to get into SwiftUI, declarative, and functional programming concepts, I recommend One Day At A Time™️. Take ALL the quizzes. Do ALL the challenges. Write LOTS of comments in your code.


I'll even go so far as to encourage you to develop a multi-page Playgrounds file and keep track of notes on different pages. Can't remember a modifier to make a button background? Turn to your Playgrounds file, and jump to the code snippets on your Buttons page. Looking for that cool delayed transition? Turn to your Playgrounds file, and jump to the code snips on your Animations page. Keep plenty of notes in your playground pages, even linking back to which Day you learned the technique.

Playgrounds will become a recipe file for you. Need a reminder how to create a class initializer? Check out your notes in your Playgrounds file.

At one point, you'll be keeping up just fine, thank you very much. Then @twoStraws will switch from fourth gear, to warp drive. It may take you several days to complete a challenge. So keep your Playgrounds notes handy!

Posting on the Forums

Also before you are tempted to post a question about an assignment, first search for "Day 22", or "Day 39 Challenge" in the forums. You may find a hint from several months ago to push you in the right direction.

Please Ask Questions

This isn't to say don't ask questions! Please do! There are many folks willing to help out. But you just might find the answer you need when vtabmow, hyperdolphins, flaneur, and dozens of other students asked similar questions on their journey.

Also take an hour and browse through the forums. You'll get an idea on best practices for posting code, screenshots, and asking questions.

Posting Progress

If you want to post your progress, consider opening one topic named Kechekar's Progress: Day XX or something similar. You can always edit the topic title to update what day you're on. And you certainly can update your notes, thoughts, problems and breakthroughs to the post. (This is preferred over opening 100 separate topics!) When you update your progress your message will jump to the top, calling our attention.

See -> vtabmow's 100 Day Journal

Keep Coding

Welcome to HackingWithSwift! Looking forward to hearing about your journey.


Thanks for you reply and answer @Obelix I've just completed day 1...So Now I'm going to take some rest maybe read a book on the topic. Really pumped and ready to dedicate myself

Shinzo wo Sasageyo!


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