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I just got a member here~!

I have a basic question, class at Animating gestures,

I would like to know why I should use array of num at "(letters[num])"

and why do I have to use at ForEach, "letters.count"

I also would like to know how to upload images

thank you!

let letters = Array("Hello swift")
    @State var enabled = false
    @State var dragAmount = CGSize.zero

HStack {
            ForEach(0..<letters.count, id:\.self) { num in
                    .background(enabled ? .blue : .red)
                    .animation(.linear.delay(Double(num) / 20), value: dragAmount)


@rocknowyo asks:

and why do I have to use at ForEach, "letters.count"

// WHY do you have to use letters.count ??

ForEach(0..<letters.count, id:\.self) { num in

Try this! Change the letter.count to 5. Then run your code!

If you change it to 5 what does XCode show onscreen? You'll see that you are only getting the first four letters of the string "Hello Swift". Why?

The string "Hello Swift" has eleven characters, including ONE space.

The ForEach(xxxxxxx) statement is building a Text() view for each letter that you provide.

If you only ask for (0..<5) you only get these letters...

0 = H
1 = e
2 = l
3 = l
4 = o

But if you want to render the entire string -- Hello Swift -- you need to know how many letters are in this string.

An easy way to figure this out is to tell SwiftUI that you would like ONE text view for all the letters ( letters.count ) in the string.

Keep coding!


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