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Project 13 - converting flips the image.

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Hi everyone, I've hit a roadblock in my project 13 when playing around with new topics, when I select the image using the PhotosPicker it shows up just fine:

    func loadImage() {
        Task {
            do {
                guard let imageData = try await selectedItem?.loadTransferable(type: Data.self) else { return }
                guard let inputUiImage = UIImage(data: imageData) else { return }
                inputTestUIImage = inputUiImage
                image = Image(uiImage: inputUiImage) // gets displayed in a view just right
                ciImage = CIImage(image: inputUiImage)
            } catch {

I've stripped down the processing code and just left the conversion, but basically when I run processImage(), it flips an iPhone photo randomly:

    func processImage() {
        ciImage = CIImage(image: inputTestUIImage!)
        guard let cgImage = CIContext().createCGImage(ciImage!, from: ciImage!.extent) else { return }
        let outputUiImage = UIImage(cgImage: cgImage)
        let imageOutput = Image(uiImage: outputUiImage)
        image = imageOutput

(Don't mind force unwrapping, it's my testing code.)

You can see it clear when using that flower photo captured on the iPhone X in simulator:

(Click here if the image doesn't show up)

Any thoughts and help would be appreciated!


You can set the orientation for it to be the right way round. UIImage does some weird stuff when processing. Something like this:

       let outputImage = UIImage(cgImage: CGImage, scale: inputImage.scale, orientation: inputImage.imageOrientation)
       image = Image(uiImage: outputImage)


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