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SOLVED: Moonshot Project - .background(.darkBackground)

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I must be doing something stupid but I cannot get the .background(.darkBackground) to work on the MissionView page created in the Showing mission details with ScrollView and containerRelativeFrame() section of the project.

I have searched but connot find any info that makes sense... Any suggestions on where I might be going wrong would be much appreciated.



No problem for me with that :

my code

        var body: some View {
            // Code


Have you got this in a file called Color-Theme

import SwiftUI

extension ShapeStyle where Self == Color {
    static var darkBackground: Color {
        Color(red: 0.1, green: 0.1, blue: 0.2)

    static var lightBackground: Color {
        Color(red: 0.2, green: 0.2, blue: 0.3)


That was what i missed... maybe i fell alseep duirng the lesson :)


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