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Looking forward to the new content that covers iOS 17 / XCode 15. Will the updates be flagged in some way, by day, so that we know which specific content to go back to?

I see the iOS 17 marker currently next to Day 1, but there is no further indication within the content for that day that indicates what has been updated (or, I missed it).

I'm assuming entirely new concepts (eg, SwiftData) will be obvious, but I'm less clear how I will know what to review without going through the whole course again.

I'm appreciative of having the opportunity to learn these new things through the 100 Days framework. thanks

edit: marker has been added next to Day 2, yet I still see no indication of what has changed. In fact, the articles still show a last updated date of October 2021.


Above each new video is

Updated for Xcode 15 beta 1


I noticed those labels, but the videos seem to have not changed. I will leave this alone. I trust it will become obvious at some point what content truly has been updated or added as new. Looking forward to that.


After Project 14 I think I need to focus on @Observable and @Model (SwiftData). Not saying accessibility is not importat, but I have a specific goal and it looks like accessibility is also getting easier to implement so now may not be the best time to make an effort. Are these new topics discussed elsewhere?


It seems no new content has been added yet. As best I can tell, one day at a time, the early days are simply being marked as reviewed.

I am looking forward to new content. As suggested on the 100 Days Swift UI intro page, I am "pausing until the new days arrive".


Brilliant, thank you https://youtu.be/FEKCAzPAtpg?si=xYFmRVxmN9eLxycN SwiftData Starter Project in 8 parts


So I am seeing some videos with new date but others are not changed. Those of you who are re-doing the course, are you watching each and every video? I guess that is not a horrible thing to do, but I do not want to do that if there is nothing new ...despite the green check mark... looking forward to seeing what the rest of you are doing :D


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