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SOLVED: Day 97 bug

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Curious if anyone else is seeing this. It seems to only do this when I search for Snowbird, and it only does it the first few times...

If I search for Sn up comes Snowbird, I click on details and it shows the Snowbird details for about 1 second then backs up to the search results and shows only St Anton.

If I then search for something else they work fine, and when I search for Snowbird again it works fine.

I noticed also when it does it, and when it backs up, the Search bar no longer shows the Sn that I typed but shows An


This sounds like a case of iPhone's spell checker correcting your spelling from "Sn" to "An" as soon as your focus leaves the text field.

Try this https://www.hackingwithswift.com/quick-start/swiftui/how-to-disable-autocorrect-in-a-textfield


Yes that was exactly it:

          .searchable(text: $searchText, prompt: "Search for a resort")

That fixed it....Odd that it only did the auto correct AFTER I clicked the search result to go to the detail screen. Also odd that it only did it once...once I searched for something else it would be fine....like it only autocorrects onces per rendered screen.


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