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I am coding the assignment where we create notes with images. Loading an image and naming it immediatly. I created a new struct Note to store a swiftUI image and a string:

struct Note: Identifiable {
    var id: UUID
    var image: Image
    var text: String

    static var previewData: Note {
        return Note(id: UUID(), image: Image(systemName: "photo"), text: "Some note you wrote.")

After an image is picked with ImagePicker the function loadImage() is called to create a swiftUI image view:

    func loadImage() {
        guard let inputImage = inputImage else { return }
        let image = Image(uiImage: inputImage)
        newNote = Note(id: UUID(), image: image, text: "")
        showingAddNote = true
        // notes.append(newNote)

That's where I thought I could create a new note, ask for text-input from the user, wait for the input and use the dismiss-action of the edit-view to store my new note by appending it to a state variable notes (an array of Notes).

But since the function can only indirectly "show" a view by setting a boolean, how would I give the view access to the freshly created note? The idea is that the view adds whatever the user inputs as text.


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