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Day 77 Challenge help

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Hi. Im trying to complete day 77 challenge and maybe you could give some hints? I only have this code for now which .alert dosnt work. What do you think i could do next? This challenge is a bit overwhelming for me. :)

import SwiftData
import PhotosUI
import SwiftUI

struct ContentView: View {

    @State private var selectedItem: PhotosPickerItem?
    @State private var imageName: String = ""
    @State private var isNamingPhoto: Bool = false
    @State private var importedImage: Image?

    var body: some View {
        NavigationStack {
            VStack {

                        PhotosPicker(selection: $selectedItem) {

                            ContentUnavailableView("No picture", systemImage: "photo.badge.plus", description: Text("Tap to import a photo"))

                        .alert(isPresented: $isNamingPhoto, content: {
                            Alert(title: Text("Name the photo"), message: Text("Enter the name for the imported photo"), primaryButton: .default(Text("Save"), action: {
                                // Handle saving the image name here
                                print("Image Name: \(imageName)")
                            }), secondaryButton: .cancel())

                    .navigationTitle("Name that image").font(.subheadline)


 #Preview {


You are using an old API for .alert. Try this one

.alert("Name the photo", isPresented: $isNamingPhoto) {
    TextField("Enter Image Name", text: $imageName) // <- To enter name of photo
    Button("Done") {
        // Handle saving the image name here
        print("Image Name: \(imageName)")
    .disabled(imageName.isEmpty) // <- disable the Done button until something in text field

    Button("Cancel", role: .cancel) { }
} message: {
    Text("Enter the name for the imported photo")

I am assume that you have a method to change the PhotosPickerItem to the importedImage when that no longer nil change the isNamingPhoto to true which will show the alert.

Remember as Paul say

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t complete challenges in the day they were assigned – in future days you’ll find you have some time to spare here and there, so challenges are something you can return back to in the future.


Thanks for the .alert update :) its started to show an alert!

I have a method to load image but im not sure its final :) What do you think about it?

func loadImage() {
        Task {
            guard let imageData = try await selectedItem?.loadTransferable(type: Data.self) else { return }
            guard let importedImage = UIImage(data: imageData) else { return }

            isNamingPhoto = true



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