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Day 73: Conceptual doubts

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I just completed the challenges for Project 14. There are a couple of things I noticed while doing these tasks and I'm hoping someone here would have an explanation for it.

  1. In ContentView-ViewModel.swift we import CoreLocation to work with CLLocationCoordinate2D. Why wasn't CoreLocation imported in Location.swift?
  2. In Part 3 of the project (Selecting and editing map annotations), we change the id property of the Location struct to a variable, so as to assign to a new id while updating the location. Paul provides an explanation for it in the video. However, I changed it back to a constant property and the location gets updated just fine. Has anyone else noticed this?

I'm using Xcode 15.2 and deploying for iOS 17.0.1.


The struct also contains a computed variable of type CLLocationCoordinate2D.

struct Location: Codable, Equatable, Identifiable {
    var id: UUID
    var name: String
    var description: String
    var latitude: Double
    var longitude: Double

    var coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D {
        CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: latitude, longitude: longitude)


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