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Day 70: Question on setting an initial value for the @State property in the init method

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From the following code:

struct EditView: View {
    // ...
    @State private var viewModel: ViewModel
    // ...

    init(location: Location) {
        _viewModel = State(initialValue: ViewModel(location: location))

I have a question about initializing the @State property in the init method. I noticed that directly assigning the value to viewModel like this viewModel = ViewModel(location: location) works just fine (I tested it). However, in this tutorial, Paul mentions that we should create an instance of the property wrapper, not just modify the data inside the wrapper. I'm wondering why directly assigning the value to viewModel works, even though Paul mentions that we should create an instance of the property wrapper.

Thank you very much,

Luis Montoya


See -> How NOT to initialize @State


This article adds some information. But also includes some contradictions to what @twoStraws says in his video.


@Obelix, thank you for your answer!!


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