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Solved Day 58 - problems adding a new entity to core data

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I am trying to work through the Core Data technical project (days 57-59) but have got very confused by the jumping from on thing to another and am wondering if I missing soemthing as I am getting error messages each time the entity is changed. In the tutorial Paul keeps adding different entities but when I add more than one to core data it doesn't recognise the new one and when I write out the fetch request it says 'not found in scope'. I have tried forcing save but I am wondering if you can't actually have two entities in the same core data model or if you have to change something elsewhere. I already had to create a second project after he changed the 'movie' entity to 'wizard' as I could not get that to work at all. Are we supposed to create a new project for each entity or delete the old one? He doesn't mention that we do but clearly I am doing something wrong as it is not working. If anyone could shed any light here, it would be appreciated.



At times xcode cannot recognize it immediately, but after rebuild (cmd + B) it starts recognizing.



Thanks for your reply - I have tried but when I press command + b, it says 'failed to build.' I get an error message also in the CoreDataProjectApp file saying 'Generic parameter 'Content' could not be inferred.' As far as I can see, I have done everthing he has and it worked okay for the Wizard entity but this new entity will not be recognised for some reason.



CMD+S to save the CoreData, CMD+shift+K to clean, then CMD+B to build.



Many thanks @Bnerd - it is now working!


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