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SOLVED: Day 56 - CHALLENGE : Offset coordinates

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With the challenge to overlay the formatted Date on the detailsView, I'd like to place the date on the top left of the screen. According to previous videos & apple's docs, the coordinates (0,0) start on the top left of the screen. However the two capsule shapes have offsets (-5,-5) and (0,0) and yet they appear on the bottom right of the image.


Why is this? Can someone explain how this makes sense and what I need to do to get the capsules at the top right.



The ZStack has an alignment of bottomTrailing so the Text element gets shoved down into the bottom right corner. The offset modifier then adjusts the position by the given number of pixels.

offset doesn't indicate absolute coordinates where something is located but the amount of shift from wherever the item is located. .offset(x: -5, y: -5) shifts an item to the left and up from wherever it is positioned.


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