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Day 47 - work in progress

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Hi all,

I'm working on the day 47 habit tracker challenge. It's not pretty yet, but here's the work in progress code in case it is useful to you. https://github.com/BillMoriarty/TrackPractice

I love this challenge - this is the kind of thing I want to make.

Need to figure out how to gitignore the xcode files...

take care Bill


Hi Bill,

I used your code to compare your way to mine (once I had completed the challenge).

My code if you are interested: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17uABHgXsUhs2OgKsO2dGy1qcfTRnVitk/view?usp=sharing

By cons I have not saved in UserDefaults because DidSet is currently broken on Xcode 11.4 ... otherwise everything works. We did it relatively differently, it's interesting. I made separate Views.

The only weird thing I have is a message (not blocking) coming from the console: "UIScrollView does not support multiple observers implementing" but everything works...


@linkiliz that's great! I'm going to check out your approach later tonight after work. Thanks for reaching out - I'll see if I find anything about that error, too. take care



Hi @BillMoriarty and @linkiliz, To avoid the error "UIScrollView does not support multiple observers", remove the NavigationView from AddActivityView (in NewActivityView.swift). You don't need that NavigationView because you allredy have a NavigationView inherited from ContentView, which embeds the AddActivityView. This error results from having nested NavigationViews, which is not necessary.

I'm posting this solution here also becuse this page is one of the first Google hits when one searches "UIScrollView does not support multiple observers". Ummm, like I did earlier today. :)


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