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Day 47 Tracker App: Updating activity count pops the current/updating view

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Following the Day 47 Tracker app challenge, I have an activity view with a button that increments the activity count:

Button {
    if let index = activities.items.firstIndex(of: activity) {
        let newActivity = Activity(name: activity.name, description: activity.description, count: activity.count + 1)
        activities.items[index] = newActivity

The assignment to the activities array causes the activity details view to pop, returning to the parent, ContentView. I suspect since Activity.index is @Published it is forcing the redraw of the owning view, thus popping the current view. This is not desired behavior. I have tried adding .navigationViewStyle(.stack) to the parent NavigationView, as suggested by others on the web but it did not help.

Does anyone know how to update the @Published field without causing the current View to pop? Thanks!


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