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SOLVED: Day 24 - Challenge

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I was trying to solve Day 24 challenges.

Create a custom ViewModifier (and accompanying View extension) that makes a view have a large, blue font suitable for prominent titles in a view. - solved

""" struct Title: ViewModifier { func body(content: Content) -> some View { content .font(.largeTitle) .foregroundColor(.blue) } }

extension View{ func titlestyle1() -> some View { self.modifier(Title()) } }

""" Go back to project 1 and use a conditional modifier to change the total amount text view to red if the user selects a 0% tip.

-- I know paul said we cannot use If statements and frankly I dunno how to use it in the section where I am displaying the Total Amount for the check before dividing between all the participants.

I know that I capture Tipselections in the above method but I guess where I am stuck is to use this tip selection value and compare it with 0 so I can conditionally use to change the font. apprectiate any hints :)

Go back to project 2 and create a FlagImage() view that renders one flag image using the specific set of modifiers we had.

--> I am a little confused with the question.. Is paul asking us to to create a view that will only change the flag image of only 1 flag ? or create a general view modifier when applied will change for all the flags ?

appreciate your help !


In the case of project one, you can use the ternary operator, like:

Text("Total: $\(self.totalAmount)")
    .foregroundColor(tipAmounts[tipIndex] == 0 ? :

For the second project, you'll have something like the following for each flag image:

            .overlay(Capsule().stroke(, lineWidth: 2))
            .shadow(color: .black, radius: 2)

What he wants is that you create a new View type called FlagImage, that returns an Image with all those modifiers, so that you only have to use FlagImage(fileName: flagFileName) on your ContentView.


Thank you so much for your help !!! you made my day .. now I can sleep well and come back for tomorrow's challenge :) I knew I was getting something wrong ... Appreciate your help !!!


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