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Day 20 - Cannot achieve the background material vibrancy effect

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Hi all, I'm following the Day 20 - Colors and Frames tutorial and tried to make the blurry view with foreground vibrancy enabled. According to the tutorial, we can just change the modifier .foregroundColor(.secondary) to .foregroundStyle(.secondary) to get the text vibrancy effect, so I have this:

var body: some View {
    ZStack {
        VStack(spacing: 0) {

        Text("Your content")

But I'm not observing any changes like what was shown in the video and the text is still completely opaque. Any idea why is that? Did Apple change the API?

P.S. my result: https://imgur.com/a/qftqNKD


I think you might have to zoom in 400 percent to see the subtle difference. You can probably try .foregroundStyle(.opacity(0.01) to maybe get the desired effect.


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