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Day 17 - Creating pickers in a form - Error

Forums > 100 Days of SwiftUI

I get this error when I add a modifier (.navigationLink) to a Picker

Trailing closure passed to parameter of type 'FormStyleConfiguration' that does not accept a closure

var body: some View {
        NavigationStack {
            Form {
                Section {
                    TextField("Amount", value: $checkAmount, format: .currency(code: Locale.current.currency?.identifier ?? "USD"))

                    Picker("Number of people", selection: $numberOfPeople) {
                        ForEach(2..<100) {
                            Text("\($0) people")

                Section {
                    Text(checkAmount, format: .currency(code: Locale.current.currency?.identifier ?? "USD"))

XCode Version 14.0.1 (14A400)


Using Xcode Version 15.3 (15E204a) and everything works fine. Think that you are using an old version of Xcode. Make sure that Minimum Deployment is iOS16 or higher


I wish I could help you but I have just hit the same problem.

I added the pickerStyle to my code and got the following two errors.

On the Section { line there is the message - Struct 'ViewBuilder' requires that 'EmptyTableRowContent<V> conform to 'TableRowContent'

On the .keyboardType(.decimalPad) - Static method "buildExpression' requires that 'some View'. conforms to 'TableRowContent'

Maybe some one wll be able to help us both.


I am using the same version of Xcode and on the latest version of IOS


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