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Day 12 - Question re class inheritance exercise

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class Instrument {
    var name: String
    init(name: String) { = name
class Piano: Instrument {
    var isElectric: Bool
    init(isElectric: Bool) {
        self.isElectric = isElectric
        super.init(name: "Piano")

is there a reason why in the Piano initaliser we do not add name: String since it is inhereting from Instrument ? This is from question 9 from section 3 of Day 12

Thanks a lot


@coast asks:

is there a reason why in the Piano initaliser we do not add name: String ?
since it is [is it] inheriting from Instrument ?

Ask yourself, What is the purpose of an initialiser?

The initialiser for a class has one job: Provide a value for each of the classes' parameters.

The Instrument class requires a String for its name parameter.
The Piano class requires a Bool for its isElectronic parameter.

When you create a new Piano object, you must provide a boolean value to the initialiser. However, inside the initialiser you provide a default value--Piano-- for the object's name. Because you provide a default, you are not required to ask the programmer to provide a value for the name parameter in the initialiser.

Keep Coding



Super helpful thank you


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