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Day 12 3. How to add initializers for classes. Troubles with super.init

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Hi, everyone! Got stucked with next issue.

class Vehicle {
    let isElectric: Bool

    init(isElectric: Bool) {
        self.isElectric = isElectric

class Car: Vehicle {
    let isConvertible: Bool

    init(isConvertible: Bool) {
        self.isConvertible = isConvertible
        super.init(isElectric: isElectric)

When I'm trying to use super.init(isElectric: isElectric), it throws 'self' used in property access 'isElectric' before 'super.init' call, and I have no clue why, I literally just repeated Paul's code. Any tips how to solve this issue would be appreciated. Thank you!


I literally just repeated Paul's code

Check again...


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