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SOLVED: DatePicker how to make it so I can choose only the last 3 days?

Forums > 100 Days of SwiftUI

DatePicker("Please enter a time", selection: $dateOfEntry, in:, displayedComponents: .date)

This code allows me to choose only the past dates but i want to be able to choose last 3 days only. Like - 3 days until


Hi, you could do this:

DatePicker("Please enter a time", selection: $dateOfEntry, in: Date(timeIntervalSinceNow: -259200), displayedComponents: .date)


@Hectorcrdna if I understand correctly you took 3 days(72 hours) and converted it to seconds?

Thank you in any case. Works perfect


I have being working with Date recently. And did this

extension Date {
  public func add(day: Int) -> Date {
      let calendar = Calendar.current
      guard let date = DateComponents(day: day), to: self) else {
          fatalError("Unable to get start date from date")
      return date


struct ContentView: View {
    @State private var datePicked =

    var dateRange: ClosedRange<Date> {
        let calendar = Calendar.current

        let startComponents = calendar.dateComponents([.day, .month, .year], from: -5))
        let endComponents = calendar.dateComponents([.day, .month, .year], from:

        return startComponents)! ... endComponents)!

    var body: some View {
        DatePicker("Please enter a day", selection: $datePicked, in: dateRange, displayedComponents: .date)


@TheFuentes5551, Yes, the Date(timeIntervalSinceNow:) takes it's input in seconds so to go backwards you would subtract the 3 days in seconds.


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