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CupcakeCorner Challenge Trailing Closure Errors

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I am following the HWS+ video solution for the final challenge of Cupcake Corner and running to some errors I can't figure out.

I am getting two: Trailing closure passed to parameter of type 'FormStyleConfiguration' that does not accept a closure errors. One in addressView.swift and one in ContentView.swift both on the Form { }

I have tried replacing the files with copies from the solution file. Copy and pasting code and using FileMerge to compare each of the files with the functioning GitHub ones to see if there are any obvious errors.

How can I track down what is causing this error?





You are actully missing some code in the SharedOrder which is causing the error. It should be this

class SharedOrder: ObservableObject {
    static let types = ["Vanilla", "Strawberry", "Chocolate", "Rainbow"]

    @Published var data = Order()

    subscript<T>(dynamicMember keyPath: KeyPath<Order, T>) -> T {
        data[keyPath: keyPath]

    subscript<T>(dynamicMember keyPath: WritableKeyPath<Order, T>) -> T {
        get {
            data[keyPath: keyPath]

        set {
            data[keyPath: keyPath] = newValue

PS you will get a warning Non-constant range: not an integer range just add , id: \.self in the ForEach


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