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Choosing Between UIKit and SwiftUI – Seeking Guidance

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Hello, fellow forum members,

I'm a newcomer to this forum, and I've been diving into the world of Swift with UIKit for the past three weeks. I began my journey by enrolling in a highly-rated Udemy course, which I'm currently in the middle of. However, my plans took an interesting turn yesterday when I stumbled upon some fantastic Hacking with Swift videos on YouTube.

Now, I'm in a bit of a dilemma because many YouTubers and developers are raving about SwiftUI, calling it a superior framework to UIKit, easier to learn, and more powerful. I'm contemplating whether to abandon my Udemy course and jump into an exciting new journey with "100 Days with SwiftUI." Still, I'm uncertain if this is the right decision.

A little background about me: I'm a web developer with experience in building numerous websites.

I've browsed through similar questions on this website regarding the choice between UIKit and SwiftUI, but I'm still not entirely convinced.

Could you please provide your insights and advice to help me make an informed decision?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


To put it in simple terms: SwiftUI is the future. If someone starts a completely new project they should choose SwiftUI over UIKit.

If you are developing with Swift there will be a time in the future where you have to fall back to UIKit knowledge. This could be for example when you are touching a library/framework (even from Apple) which isn't yet (completely) available in SwiftUI or it is some legacy code in a project you're working on. In both cases you should have a basic understanding how UIKit works and what the code should accomplish.

I'm quite sure there is a lot of legacy code out there which still uses UIKit and there will be for many years to come.


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