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Checkpoint 8 works but still has some weird things when printing. What am I doing wrong?

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Hey fellas,

I have finished checkpoint 8 and everything seems to work fine but I see some weirdness when printing the result of my code. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

Here is the code with comments for reference :

protocol Building {
    // Building's bastic properties ↓
    var rooms: Int { get set }
    var price: Int { get set }
    var realEstateAgent: String{ get set }

    // Sales summary method ↓
    func salesSummary()

struct OfficeBuilding: Building {
    var rooms: Int
    var price: Int
    var realEstateAgent: String
    func salesSummary () {
        print("An office building of \(rooms) rooms has been sold by \(realEstateAgent) for $\(price)")

struct ResidentialBuilding: Building {
    var rooms: Int
    var price: Int
    var realEstateAgent: String
    func salesSummary () {
        print("A residential building of \(rooms) rooms has been sold by \(realEstateAgent) for $\(price)")

let wework = OfficeBuilding(rooms: 12, price: 120000000, realEstateAgent: "Adam Neuman")

print(wework.salesSummary())// can't remove the 2 parenthesis there so it prints "An office building of 12 rooms has been sold by Adam Neuman for $120000000()". If I remove the 2 parenthesis it only prints "(function)". What am I doing wrong?


I haven't looked at checkpoint 8 but you are using two 'print' One in the 'salesSummary' method and then again in your final line.

Change 'print(wework.salesSummary())' to 'wework.salesSummary()'


To make things clear you have a struct struct OfficeBuilding. In that struct you have a method func salesSummary that prints some message. How do you call a function/method in Swift? You call it adding parentheses, right? i.e. salesSummary(). When you place wework.salesSummary in print without parentheses you are not calling a method. You just print what wework.salesSummary is and salesSummary is a function, so it prints that literally 'function'. But when you add parentheses your function is called and what is inside it, is executed.


Yes that's it. I had forgotten the parents in the command wework.salesSummary() so it did not work.

Thanks for the replies 🤓


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