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[Bug?] Project 1: Creating Pickers in a form

Forums > 100 Days of SwiftUI

In Creating pickers in a form, the following code is shown:

Picker("Number of people", selection: $numberOfPeople) {
    ForEach(2 ..< 100) {
        Text("\($0) people")

Paul takes care to point out that this produces a strange result:

why does it say 4 people when we gave numberOfPeople the default value of 2? ... when we gave numberOfPeople the value of 2 we were actually setting it to the third row, which is “4 People”. So, although it’s a bit brain-bending, the fact that our UI shows “4 people” rather than “2 people” isn’t a bug.

I expected a solution to this, but the tutorial jumps to Picker Styles.

After playing around a bit, I think I was able to make the picker accurately reflect the value in numberOfPeople. I added id: \.self in the ForEach loop, e.g:

Picker("Number of people", selection: $numberOfPeople) {
    ForEach(2 ..< 100, id: \.self) {
        Text("\($0) people")

Later in the tutorial, the brainbender is corrected in the computed property, but I'm curious if my solution above is valid?


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