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100 Days of SwiftUI Finished. Here’s a short but sweet review

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It is a remarkably well-done piece of work by Paul Hudson. He combines in-depth knowledge of Swift, SwiftUI and UIKit (where needed) with exceptional pedagogical skills to make an informative and entertaining video/text training environment. Repetition is used (but not overused) to allow reinforced learning and he stresses again and again the importance of occasionally struggling through course challenges to deepen the student’s knowledge.

At the end of 100 days I am certain that there is much detail there I’ve not retained. But I have remembered a sense of what is possible and a notion of where to go back in the course to repeat sessions as needed. I am 70 years of age and it’s, safe to say, that programming has changed more than you can imagine from the days of mainframes, FORTRAN and COBOL

Well Done Paul, Luna and Arya


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