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Seeking recommendations on ways to study

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Hey community :)

I just started my first project with the 100daysOfSwift, It's a lot of fun but I am also concerned as some of the concepts aren't sticking. Sometimes the walkthroughs for these projects would start sounding like a foreign language to me, and I am trying to understand them instead of just memorizing.

Are we supposed to know these projects by heart as we go through them? And how many hours on average are you guys spending on these projects? I am not sure if allocating a day or two for each project is realistic for me, i will forget them faster than i will remember.

Any tips on how to go about studying?

Thanks so much ~ Teeks.


Hi, it has been a while since I did 100 Days and I wasn beginner at that time but I dont think you should worry about not remembering everything let alone knowing projects by heart.

I believe it is much more important to practice (preferably daily) and the concepts that truly matter will become second nature with time.

So my recommendation would be to not worry and enjoy the program. And if you have app idea you would like to bring to life start working on it as soon as possible. It will be much harder than following 100 Days but you will learn best doing your own projects.

Good luck


I think it is important to understand them, but not necessarily to remember them. You want to make sure you understand how protocols are used or closures becuase this would be used in anything you do. But if you did a project using MapKit, and didn't use MapKit for another 6 months you may not remember everything you knew about it from before. One thing I would do I do the project, and then look through the Apple developer documentation about the technology used. This way I would better understand the documentation and be able to reference that in my own projects.


Hi all,

same goes for me. I'm at day 83 and I already reviewed all the projects from day one. So I give myself time and space to reread and to understand all the stuff Paul is teaching us. The important thing is to understand the topics rather then remembering the syntax. Sometimes it's not a bad idea to move forward on to new topics and come back to things and reread them in a few days or weeks, maybe you learn things faster that way - and don't underestimate repetition.

So enjoy the journey, build new coding habits and don't be too hard on yourself. This course isn't easy at all.

Good luck and happy learning.


It helps knowing I'm not the only one. Thanks for posting.

I've been reading the concepts and techniques until I can read a piece of code and know what's happening. Then I memorize the code that summarizes the lesson. I don't want to end a study session on a negative note, but that's the reality of comprehension failure. It feels bad. As I produce something from memory it's a reminder that I understand a concept and reproducing it feels good. My studies are an ongoing marathon of small successes.

Concerns about my memory led to reading Moon Walking with Einstein by Joshua Foer. I've gleaned what I needed which is far less than the potentials he describes.

I set up xcode with two editor windows. I follow the lessons in one window where I carefully document, in my words, when needed and save that file for reference. In the other editor I do memorization exercises and play around with the code. If Hudson is talking about clothes and shoes, I modify the idea to something personal.

Bottom line, I counter the grind with a positive exercise.


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