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Project 3: How to change the project directory name properly?

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In Project 3, Paul asks us to make a copy of Project1 and name it Project3. I did this, but it seemed odd to leave the Directory just inside the main project directory named Project1 when the main directory's name was changed to Project3. So, I changed the inner directory's name as well.

However, when I did that, I could no longer build my project. It gave an error saying "Project1 >> info.plist could not be found" or something like that. Obviously, that was because the Project1 directory no longer existed, because I had renamed it to Project3.

So, it seems that there must be some place that I would have to change the path that my program uses to locate the .plist file (and possibly other files) if I want to change the name of the directory that the files are located in, but I don't know where to do that.

Does anybody know?


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