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Hi guys,

I've been trying to wrap my head around one of Paul's hints saying:

"So, we can use indexPath.row to set the selectedPictureNumber property in DetailViewController – just make sure you add 1 to it so that it counts from 1 rather than 0."

Got totally lost with how I can use indexPath.row in DetailViewController without triggering the "Unresolved Identifier" error. What am I doing wrong?



You don't use indexPath.row in DetailViewController; you use it it ViewController's didSelectRowAt to set DetailViewController.selectedPictureNumber when you instantiate that controller.


Ok, thanks! For total pictures I used pictures.count - was I supposed to do it this way? Anyway, the code works, which makes my brain free for the rest of the day :D Thanks!


Well if it works the way you want it, it's okay. ;-)


Solved it also. Took some trying and figuring out, but once I had it I understood why. Also, I found that if I pulled up print(imageToLoad.count) in DetailedViewController I got an output of 12. Unsure why, possibly something to do with the Loops? So I called this .count from ViewController before passing it to DetailedViewController I hope this helps anyone, without giving away the full coded answer.


great! roosterboy's way works!


I'm late to the game, but would like to give my 2 cents too for folks that want more visual

It's something like this in ViewController.swift

override func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, didSelectRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
    // 1: Try loading "Detail" view controller & type casting it to be DetailViewController
    if let detailVC = storyboard?.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: "Detail") as? DetailViewController {
      // 2: If success -> set property values over in DetailViewController.swift
      // Set "selectedImage" string value
      detailVC.selectedImage = pictures[indexPath.row]
      // Set values to selectedImagePosition & totalNumberOfImages
      detailVC.selectedImagePosition = indexPath.row + 1
      // "+1" to show human-readable index number instead of Swift index number approach

      detailVC.totalNumberOfImages = pictures.count
      // Equates total count of pictures array

      // 3: Now push it onto the navigation controller
      navigationController?.pushViewController(detailVC, animated: true)

While over in DetailViewController.swift you declare the 2 new vars inside the overriden viewDidLoad() method


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