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SOLVED: Day 90. Milestone Challenge (Meme Generator) - font scaling problem

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Hello guys,

I did the milestone challenge from Day 90, but I noticed that there is a scaling problem with the font, as its physical size stays the same for all devices. In result, I get HUGE letters on iPhone SE 2020, which take 1/3 of the whole screen, and normal-sized font on a device like iPad 10.2", which in that case takes only 1/10 of the screen - the way I wanted it to be for all the devices.

Is there any way I can draw the attributed string so that it always takes a fixed part of the screen, no matter what the device is?



yes there is but a quite complicated. Basically you need to start with particular font size, then measure the text with this font size and if it is too big, drop the font size, re-measure and check once again.

Paul did something like this in one of the Swift on Sundays livestreams -


Hi Filip,

Thanks again for help :)


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