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Day 74 Challenge - Solved

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Anyone having a LOADS of trouble with this project ( challange for Milestone: Projects 19-21) ?


I am stuck on how to save the texts in the detailViewcontroller to userdefault, and pull that same text from the main VC and put it in a table view.

Anyone has completed this and wants to share the Github link for it?

Cheers guys.


Same trouble here. Would appreciate any help.


This is one area where UserDefaults is not optimal but for purposes of the challenge is ok. Basically you need to be saving array of Note classes each time you write or edit note.

This is one area where classes will work much better, because you can send just the reference to detail view controller, where you will display the text and possibly edit it.

I would save data either after each edit (meaning encoding the whole array and saving it into user defaults) or when user exits the app. There are special methods inside of AppDelegate to help with this.


I actually found an awesome tutorial online and helped me solve this. Completion closure save lives.. haha


Hello! Can you share the tutorial link?


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