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Day 1 complete. No question

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I found this site searching around today and decided to give it a go. I have been wanting to learn Swift.

No hicups so far.

Day 1 is complete. Moves pretty fast paced. I have studied a little on different programming topics in the past so day 1 was a little easy, but I suspect after looking over the menu items, it will get hard pretty darn fast. I'm ready for it!!

I have lots of time on my hands to study.

Jenn (senior in training)

p.s. Not sure how to post a screenshot.


Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. I do not have any programming background - unlike you. Could advise is this course is OK for dummies? To insert a sceenshot, use Ctrl-Alt-I


Jenn!! I love your story and you seem awesome ! Let's be friends, do you have twitter? Lets connect, my name is Tee and my Twitter handle is @Teekachu1

Let us know if you run into any questions with the challanges, good luck and happy swift !!!


Paul is very good at explaining things. When you done 100 days of Swift, you can do 100 days of SwiftUI(minus first 15 days as same as 100DoS) and think you will find it fun.

Most of all have fun and if you get stuck, you can always ask on here how small you think it is, because more then likely people will know/or had the same issues

Good luck


Yep, the early tutorials feel like a quick refresher for the Java courses I took way back in uni. Many programming languages share similar syntax and concepts.

@MonihaMC I suspect this course should be okay for people completely new to programming too. Below each video is a transcript with the code examples so you can read and digest what was shown in the video if you missed something. I also suggest taking the quizzes, at least the summary ones, to ensure you understood concepts and know how to spot invalid code.


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