DAY 50


It’s time for another consolidation day, which means you have lots to review, lots to dig into, and a fresh programming challenge too. I’ve mentioned before the importance of repetition, so I hope you’re able to seize this opportunity to try your hand at something new that helps you apply your new knowledge practically.

Aristotle once said, “it is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency.” And that’s our goal with this repetition: to bake knowledge of Swift and iOS so deep into your head and hands that you can start to build things without second guessing yourself. So, when it comes to writing code for your own projects, or even writing code during an iOS interview, you know for sure that you’ve got it in hand – you can do it, because you’ve done it 20 times before.

So, make sure you work through today’s challenge fully: experiment and see what you can make!

Today you have three topics to work through, one of which of is your challenge.

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t complete challenges in the day they were assigned – in future days you’ll find you have some time to spare here and there, so challenges are something you can return back to in the future.

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