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Anthony L

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9th February, 2022
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7th June, 2022
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My interests include: 👨🏼‍💻 mobile & web, 📡electronics engineering, ✈️ flying a Piper Supercub, 🚲 cycling, 🌎 space and 🚀rockets, 🌩 storm chasing.

I keep all my learning in API + web development and software for controlling hardware projects for my interests above on GitHub. As a qualified and experienced electrical and electronics engineer, I also enjoy making things using MicroPython flashed to PyBoards, WiPy, PyCom modules and ESP embedded devices.

I am currently enjoying learning the Swift 5 language syntax and SwiftUI for iOS/MacOS app development. I am following Paul Hudson's @twostraws Hacking with SwiftUI curriculum.

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