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Buy recordings of online video workshops that teach specific advanced topics, all in 1080p high definition – it's the fastest and easiest way to learn.


Take your Swift skills further with advanced topics like debugging, profiling, and high-performance Swift.


Watch me work through real problems with live code, and follow along yourself and see how solutions are built.


I've written more books on Swift than anyone else in the world – you can be guaranteed quality tutorials.


All videos are provided at 1920x1080 resolution so all code is easy to read even on smaller tablets.

Series One

This is the first installment of Hacking with Swift Live, delivering over nine hours of all-new advanced training that's guaranteed to help you write better Swift.

You get 12 sessions in the bundle:

  • 10 Swift tips everyone should learn: Swift is a big and complicated language, so here are my 10 top tips every Swift developer should learn to help them write better code.
  • Advanced Codable: This powerful Swift feature makes it easy to load and save basic data types, but for more complex uses you need to start writing code yourself.
  • Building a modern iOS app: It's easy to rely on tools and techniques you've always used, but if you do that you're missing out on all the great new features Apple has introduced in newer iOS versions. In this session you'll learn how to take advantage of features introduced in iOS 9, 10, and 11 to make your apps look and work better with little effort.
  • Creating Custom Controls: Learn how to use CAShapeLayer and Core Graphics to render your own unique controls in your app.
  • Functional Swift: Functional programming can help you write less code that's also safer code, so come and see just how easy it can be!
  • High-performance Swift: Learn how to write benchmarks, detect performance hotspots, and optimize code to make your apps run as fast as possible.
  • Instrumenting your code like you mean it: Everyone knows Instruments can help you find and fix performance problems, but most people either don't know enough about Instruments to try it out, or know just enough to feel scared to open it. This session will help you make the most of this powerful tool.
  • Learn to debug like a pro: If your idea of debugging is breakpoints and print() calls, this session will help show you more advanced techniques to catch bugs faster.
  • Learn to use Xcode smarter: Xcode is a huge program with dozens if not hundreds of rarely-used features. I can't show you them all, but I'll certainly pick out my personal favorites!
  • Master Swift 4 in 1 hour: Swift introduced some great new features to help you write better code. In this session you'll get a lightning-fast introduction to the major changes, with code examples for all of them.
  • Mastering iOS Animation: We all know that animations help your apps look better, but they also help your readers understand what's changing in your app and why. In this session you'll learn how to make fantastic animations for iOS, using the latest APIs from Apple.
  • Protocol oriented programming – beyond the hype: Protocol-oriented programming has been a major buzzword since it was introduced in Swift 2, but it's hard to find good, concrete examples for implementation. In this session that's exactly what we'll be focused on: how to apply POP principles to existing code so you can get most of the benefits without most of the work.

PLUS: A bonus video teaching you how to create stretching table headers in a clean, efficient way, just like you see in the Twitter or Tweetbot apps.

These are all hands-on videos that show you exactly what to do, and with over nine hours of material this really is the fastest way to level-up your Swift skills.

Here's a seven-minute preview from High-Performance Swift to whet your appetite…

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