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Whether it's iMessage apps, SiriKit integration, rich media user notifications, or speech transcription, iOS 10 has incredible new features that can help take your apps to the next level – and they are all covered in this book.

iMessage apps

iOS 10 lets you attach custom app data to messages, enabling a whole new world of apps delivering user interactivity right inside the iMessage interface.


For the first time you can extend your app right into Siri and Apple Maps using the all-new Intents framework – learn to control Siri's responses!


iOS 10's new user notification framework lets you attach images, display options for the user to choose from, and even accept text input without leaving the app!


Speech transcription, in-app Core Spotlight, image rendering, Units and Measurements, SpriteKit's tile editor and warp geometry, Core Data, and more!


Practical iOS 10 includes seven all-new projects that teach all the major changes introduced in iOS 10, plus six technique projects that deep-dive into aspects such as animations and Core Data.

  • What's new in Swift 3? Get ready to upgrade your code for Swift 3.0 with this comprehensive migration guide – includes dozens of before and after code samples so you can see exactly what's changing and why.
  • Project 1: Happy Days Start using the all-new speech transcription system in iOS 10 by building an app that records photo memories, then add the new in-app Core Spotlight functionality so that your transcriptions can be searched outside the app and in.
  • Project 2: Time Share iMessage apps let you build custom functionality right inside the standard Messages interface, and in this project you'll build an app that you create and share event times for your friends to vote on.
  • Project 3: ChooseCruise The Intents framework was introduced in iOS 10, and delivers the ability to integrate your app both with Siri and Apple Maps – all using a single API. In this project you'll create a ride hailing app that builds on Siri and Apple Maps to deliver a great user experience.
  • Project 4: Polyglot Notification center widgets have been promoted to an all-new prominence in iOS 10, even getting 3D Touch quick actions. In this project you'll build a language learning app using the new UIViewPropertyAnimator APIs, then integrate that with a custom notification center widget.
  • Project 5: Alarmadillo Local and remote notifications have been rewritten from scratch in iOS 10, and the new UserNotifications framework is here to stay. In this project you'll build an alarm app that lets users set groups and times, add pictures, and even enter text response directly into the notification.
  • Project 6: Flip GameplayKit's new Monte Carlo strategist lets you build advanced artificial intelligence opponents for your games, so in this project you'll build a Reversi game that can think for itself.
  • Project 7: Dead Storm Rising iOS 10 and Xcode 8 deliver an incredible new tile map editor for SpriteKit developers, so in this project you'll use it to build a top-down war game for two players, complete with capturing enemy bases and explosive particle effects!

Plus: six technique projects that teach iOS 10 animations, the new Unit and Measurement types for efficient conversions, the new Core Data NSPersistentContainer type, raw photography, iOS 10 image rendering with UIGraphicsImageRenderer, and SpriteKit's warp geometry system.

If you want to take advantage of all the incredible new functionality provided in iOS 10, there's no faster way than Practical iOS 10!

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