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Wrap up

Another project done, another huge collection of things learned. You should be starting to get into the swing of things by now, but don't let yourself become immune to your success. In this tutorial alone you've learned about loadView(), WKWebView, delegation, classes and structs, URL, URLRequest, UIToolbar, UIProgressView, KVO and more, so you should be proud of your fantastic accomplishments!

There is a lot of scope for improvement with this project, so where you start is down to you. I would suggest at the very least that you investigate changing the initial view controller to a table view like in project 1, where users can go choose their website from a list rather than just having the first in the array loaded up front.

Once you have completed project 5, you might like to return here to add in the option to load the list of websites from a file, rather than having them hard-coded in an array.

You did it! Now what?

You finished another project, and I'm glad Hacking with Swift helped you. Now I need your help. Please take just a moment out of your day to tell others about Hacking with Swift so they can benefit too.

You can click below to post a tweet straight to this project. Or if you're feeling particularly generous, you can click here to link to Hacking with Swift on your website and help spread the word.

Thank you. Your support is what keeps me going!


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