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Wrap up

I've enjoyed making this project, so I hope you enjoyed following along. Plus you have yet more Swift coding experience under your belt, now complete with Timer, follow(), color blending and, yes, even the shake gesture – although I wouldn't be surprised if you switch to having a button on the screen to make explosions easier!

There's a lot more you can do with this foundation behind you. How about adding a score label? Or perhaps adding different fireworks spread types, for example one where fireworks launch from the left and right?

Or if you fancy a bigger challenge, how about making the game end after a certain number of launches? You will need to use the invalidate() method of Timer to stop it from repeating.

You did it! Now what?

You finished another project, and I'm glad Hacking with Swift helped you. Now I need your help. Please take just a moment out of your day to tell others about Hacking with Swift so they can benefit too.

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Thank you. Your support is what keeps me going!


About the author

Paul Hudson is the creator of Hacking with Swift, the most comprehensive series of Swift books in the world. He's also the editor of Swift Developer News, the maintainer of the Swift Knowledge Base, and Mario Kart world champion. OK, so that last part isn't true. If you're curious you can learn more here.

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