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Wrap up

Core Animation is an extraordinary toolkit, and UIKit wraps it in a simple and flexible set of methods. And because it's so simple to use, you really have no excuse for not using it. If you're moving something around conceptually (e.g., moving an email to a folder, showing a palette of paint brushes, rolling a dice, etc) then move it around visually too. Your users will thank you for it!

You also learned a little about switch/case as a way of evaluating multiple possible values. Although you haven't seen much of it yet, Swift's switch/case syntax is actually one of the most powerful and expressive I've ever come across, although it can bend your brain a little. In this project we were only matching simple values, but trust me: it can do so much more.

If you want to put your new-found animation skill into practice, try going back to project 8 (7 Swifty Words) and making the letter group buttons fade out when they are tapped. We were using the isHidden property, but you'll need to switch to alpha because isHidden is either true or false, it has no animatable values between.

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