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How to specify the Dynamic Type sizes a view supports

Paul Hudson    @twostraws   

Updated for Xcode 14.2

SwiftUI’s automatic support of Dynamic Type means our views are free to grow and shrink according to the user’s preference. However, sometimes you might need to place limits on just how far your user interface is able to adjust, and for that we have the dynamicTypeSize() modifier.

This can used with a fixed value, meaning that your view will ignore all Dynamic Type sizes:

Text("This will stay small")

This is helpful if you want to force a particular kind of preview, for example.

You can also specify ranges, such as this one that allows any size up to and including the large size:

Text("This won't go above large")

If you enable Xcode’s environment overrides, you can see how each of these variants adjust:

VStack {
    Text("This will stay small")
    Text("This won't go above large")
    Text("This will scale within a range")
    Text("This will scale to any size")

Remember, many users rely on larger Dynamic Type sizes in order to use your app, and a surprisingly large number of users use it to cram more information onto their screen. So, try to avoid limiting the sizes you support to those times when it’s really necessary.

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