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How to position views in a grid

Paul Hudson    @twostraws   

Fully updated for Xcode 11.4

SwiftUI gives us VStack for vertical layouts and HStack for horizontal layouts, but nothing that does both – nothing that can lay out views in a grid structure.

Fortunately we can write one ourselves by leveraging SwiftUI’s view builder system. This means writing a type that must be created using a row and column count, plus a closure it can run to retrieve the views for a given cell in the grid. Inside the body it can then loop over all the rows and columns and create cells inside VStack and HStack to make a grid, each time calling the view closure to ask what should be in the cell.

In code it looks like this:

struct GridStack<Content: View>: View {
    let rows: Int
    let columns: Int
    let content: (Int, Int) -> Content

    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            ForEach(0 ..< rows, id: \.self) { row in
                HStack {
                    ForEach(0 ..< self.columns, id: \.self) { column in
                        self.content(row, column)

    init(rows: Int, columns: Int, @ViewBuilder content: @escaping (Int, Int) -> Content) {
        self.rows = rows
        self.columns = columns
        self.content = content

When you want to use that in a SwiftUI view, you’d write this:

GridStack(rows: 4, columns: 4) { row, col in
    Image(systemName: "\(row * 4 + col).circle")
    Text("R\(row) C\(col)")

That creates a 4x4 grid with an image and text in each cell.

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